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Kedarkantha Trek


The Kedarkantha Trek is most popular winter trek, perfect for those trekkers who are in love with snow. This is an easy trek which has its base camp in a small village called Sankri, which takes approximately 7-8 hours of travel from the city of Dehradun. This superb trek offers a beautiful experience to the trekkers with a trek though rich natural forests, snow, patches of huge green meadows and some attractive lovely views all the way. Kedarkantha Peak is in Govind National Park of Western Garhwal, which is surrounded by a number of panoramic river valleys, snow-covered mountains, slightly located small villages with a wealthy flora-fauna. Kedarkantha trek is one of the simple treks in Himalayas to experience the well covered snow peak. Winters season snow here sets in the mid of December month and lasts till the middle of April. Kedarkantha is simple trek which is highly recommended for those trekkers who are planning their trek & want it to be snow laden. This trek is one of the few treks which are open for the entire year. There are lots of mythological stories surrounding the place of Kedarkantha. Local regional peoples are believed that the temple Kedarnath was originally located here, but while disturbed by the villagers in ancient time, Pandavas went away from the place to the present Kedarnath location. Regional people trust that the place is the residing place of the lord, still now.

About Kedarkantha Trek Itinerary

The Itinerary of Kedarkantha trek route, delights in a windy path through dense forests, snow-overloaded trek with huge patches of green meadow used by shepherds throughout the summer season and witness several snow-capped peaks and mountain ranges. The excitement does not end here. Feel the adventure as you walk through Kedarkantha trek enjoy the beautiful views of the region. Spend some time with staring at the exciting & natural beauty of the mountains. You are probable to come across snow path just as you cross the 10 thousand ft mark and walk through a snow path with full of pine trees. Along the Kedarkantha trek, you will also find some of the amazing campsites. Not every trek can boast of the natural beauty of their campsites like the Kedarkantha trek.

After the long drive from the base camp of Sankri Village trek to Kedarkantha is one of the most beautiful and amazing drives in Himalayas which takes you through Mussoorie, Naugaon, Purola, Mori and Naitwar. The well snow covered path and the rich green meadows will give you an outstanding momentary look of the Himalayan Crown. The rich forests area with snow will give you an enjoyable experience and sooth your eyes. Humbleness of the local or regional people will also impress you absolutely.

Best season for Kedarkantha Trekking

However Kedarkantha Trekking is open almost all over the year but ideal season to do Kedarkantha trek is from month of December to march when the trek is completely snow clad. In this season some of the highest mountain peaks such as Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, and Black Peak are one of the chief attractions of this Kedarkantha trek.

01Day One: Arrive Sankri (2000m) 8 hrs

Afternoon reach sankri where our representative will meet and greet you.On reaching Sankri, we will explore the scenic hamlet to prepare for the trek that lies ahead and over night stay and dinner Sankri.

02Day Two: Sankri (2000m) – Juda-ka-Talab (2700m) – Shepherd campsite (2900m, Trek/3-4 hrs)

After having breakfast, we will set out on a easy hike which, for the most part wjich goes through the forest. We will walk to Saur village and then climb up till we reach a small pond, Juda-ka-Talab, which is frozen during winters. As we continue climbing up, we will get fleeting glimpses of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. One more hour of hiking will take us to the meadows where we will camp overnight, in tents.

03Day Three: Shepherd camp (2900m) – Base of Kedar Kantha (3400m, Trek/4-5 hrs)

Today’s destination is kedarkantha base camp and we start for it post breakfast. Today will be a busy day for the photographers as the trek route is beautiful with open views on all side and vast snow fields decorated with green patches.However, our destination is even more beautiful. Think of a vast open snow field which is about cricket ground, a stream running by and misty mountains forming the background – this is the KedarKantha base where we will camp overnight in tents. We told you it was impressive!

04Day Four: Base camp (3400m) – KedarKantha (3800m) – Juda-ka-Talab (2700m, Trek/6-7 hrs)

Now you can imagine, if the Kedar Kantha base is that stunning, think of the summit .The distance to the summit is short but the climb is steep and depending upon the snow conditions then, we will pick the best route – and it will take about 2-3 hours. As for the view from the top – you will be able to see all the mountains of the Yumnotri, Gangotri and the Kinner Kailash range, plus the valleys. Next, we will descend the peak and trek all the way down to Juda-ka-Talab or an alternate campsite, depending on what pace we are walking. Overnight in tents.

05Day Five: Juda Ka Talab – Sankri (2000m) – Dehradun (Drive 8-9 Hours)

After Breakfast descend back to Sankri where your vehicle will be ready to take to your next destination.

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